“Fishy fishy bite.. on the sea of Cortez


untitled (20)Deep sea fishing was the last thing on our mind when booking our girlfriends week-end get-a-way. Tanning and shopping and maybe a margarita or two was high on the list. We called this a’ mini vacation’ away from our snowbird status here in Arizona.

Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, on the sea of Cortez has always been on my agenda as a place I wanted to see. A couple of hours into Mexico always seemed a big deal, getting extra car insurance and safety issues (misconceived I think). So we took a bus tour!

Here we are in a nice hotel looking over the sea of Cortez. We are sipping margaritas on the patio at the bar. A handsome Mexican crooner is singing love songs directed my way .. I order another drink.patio sipping Margeritas at sunset

On my third margarita he makes his way over to me, and my pulse quickens! He leans over to whisper in my ear “would you like to buy my CD?” Thinking quickly “oh no,” says I “but these two women beside me might be interested“.

two new friends
two new friends

They laugh as he turns away and then tell us the story of the first CD they bought from him .. 10 years ago! They were drinking pitchers of margeritas and after the second pitcher they could not remember much of anything except waking up in their room with two of his CD’s.

We like them already and decide to ‘friend’ these two gals. We also agree to mutual ‘unfriending’ if it doesn’t work out.. no strings attached! The ambiance is such that we spend the whole afternoon and part of the evening sipping margeritas, ordering dinner and making nice with our two new friends. ( I am secretly still making eye contact with cute Mexican crooner, I know he wants me..lol)


Not having any plans leads to an unusual adventure for us. I love to fish and I tell the girls I am going to sign up for the deep sea fishing.. to my surprise they agree it is a great idea, and I sign them up as well! We can shop in Mexico anytime, we are living on the border of Mexico in Yuma.

Needing to be up early we venture back to our room and catch the last half of the Academy Awards in Spanish .. but figure out how to get english. Most people would just be starting their evening out, but our generation has a lights out early policy .. it is part of  our journey into becoming a child again.

imagesRSYWNY97The next morning, in the shipyards, we are directed to sorriest most dilapidated 32′ open dory-type boat! It has four poles and a canvas stretched over top, for shade. My thoughts were not good .. what the heck have I done.. and what are we doing here?

We have picked up two new friends from Montana, a young gal and her dad, we met them in the bar last night. I think I asked him to marry me, his caustic humour reeled me in, and it is ‘leap year’ after all. So there are five of us eyeing up this old metal row-boat with a motor.. yikes!

We set off to sea, the farther we get from land.. the more apprehensive I think we all are. The sea air feels so good.. if only we weren’t in this little dingy with a motor. A full half hour later we finally stop and he instructs us to take off our sorry looking life jackets. Edwardo (Spanish for Edward) baits our hooks for us.. two hooks on each line.

My friend Judy catches the first fish and I have to tell you.. listening to her excited screams, makes this whole experience worthwhile! Whew.. at least one of us  will be happy we came. What followed that was one of the most exciting adventures I have had in a long time.Judys first fish

Poor Edwardo was run ragged from baiting our hooks and throwing our catches into the huge holding box. We proceeded to catch so many fish that my arms were aching from reeling them in! I caught two sets of twins ..TWO FISH AT A TIME ..TWICE!!

I catch a set of TWINS !!
I catch a set of

12814506_10209124390896374_2578989321597194255_nNot to be outdone Judy then reels in a baby octopus!! The octopus proceeds to skitter all over the floor of our boat while we try to keep out of his way.. we decide to set him free. We catch so many fish we quit counting after 60 (there is no limit here). Mostly Trigger-fish , some sea bass and of course the octopus.

fish bucketEdwardo, when not busy baiting our hooks is fileting our catch on the bench behind me. Judy and I take a break, we are fished out.. and we eat our box lunch amid fish guts and baited hooks and all the wonderful smells of fishing in a dingy… life is good!

Four to  five hours later, Edwardo and five satisfied fisher-people head back into port. Just when you think life couldn’t get any better, out pops a school of Dolphins all around us!! OMG.. they are everywhere.. right next to our boat!dolphins right beside our boat

This experience far outweighed the sea lion family we passed on the way out to sea… which I had already forgotten about after all those fish we caught! Our fishing companions.. the two Marty’s (she was named after her father) were delightful.. Edwardo was amazing and I think we had the BEST fishing boat of everyone!!!sea lions at sea

Money cannot buy the fun and excitement we experienced and natures bountiful views never cease to amaze me..

our fishing song

“Fishy fishy bite

your mother said you might

your father said he didn’t care

so .. fishy , fishy bite!”