Fairytales can come true.. they can happen to you

My granddaughter says she is still traumatized by my story that the boogie man lived in our basement. I just wanted to keep her upstairs where I could keep an eye on her when she was younger. She is just joking of course, it is all in fun. This has led me to write about all the other stories that are made up and not true.

My nana used to tell me that the sandman came at night and sprinkled sand in our eyes to make us sleepy. Now how the heck is sand in our eyes going to make us sleepy? I really didn’t want sand sprinkled in my eyes but it was the only way to get into fairyland that was full of yummy candy and fairies and fun and all that good stuff.

Same with the leprechauns and tooth fairies and others we were told to believe in. I have made up many of my own stories for my kids, keeping them amused or to keep them in line for whatever reason. This is the magical part for me, when they are young they believe whatever you say.

The boogie man worked to keep them out of the basement but not when I needed something from down there. “Go get me a loaf of bread from the freezer.” Checking on her after a bit, she was only partway down, afraid to go the rest of the way. “The boogie man is down here nana!”

Ah well.. you need to take the good with the bad, she made a boogie man in her own basement at home and called him Fred. My oldest granddaughter is too old to believe my stories anymore but the youngest is going on three in January and fair game for whatever magical stories I need to tell, to serve a purpose.

My youngest is going through the “I don’t like nana” phase when she gets mad at me. I just laugh at her and tell her I don’t like her either BUT.. she has decided to spit at me to get her point across. So thinking fast, so as not to let the teaching moment slide away I say “you know that when you spit..  a spider will drop from the ceiling and into your mouth!”

She spits again and I look up at the ceiling and shout “look out here comes a spider to jump into your mouth!” She quickly closes her mouth and this temporarily ends her spitting. Later on I see her huddled with her mom.. seems she thinks spiders are coming out of her mouth. Her mom is looking at me and I’m thinking, oh man I’ve crossed a line..

I get her on Saturday all day so I will make it clear that they come from the ceiling, but only when she spits… loll. Now I have to come up with a plan to keep her from saying she doesn’t like people. I used to tell my kids that I would give them away to traveling gypsy bands if they were bad. The gypsies liked bad kids.. I had forgotten that one until my daughter reminded me a couple weeks ago.

Life is too short not to have some magic in it right? That is why we have fairytales, and I must say that in my younger years I read every fairytale in our schools library. Maybe that is why I love to tell stories and make stuff up, it is just in me.

So Saturday has come and gone and the spider thing didn’t work out so well.. I’ll have to go to plan B, as soon as I think up a plan B. We had an amazing day together complete with a two hour nap, more for me than her. We did her hair and nails and I let her open her Xmas present early.

She gets so many presents, I wanted mine to be special and not lost in the pile. The ice skates fit her perfectly and I brought up ice skating videos on my phone to entertain her. When she pouted later on and said “I don’t like nana” I said fine, I’ll take back the ice-skates, to which she quickly liked me again.

Sometimes you just have to fight fire with nonsense, it doesn’t have to be true. I still believe in the magic romance and love, although it is alluding me so far. That there may be someone out there perfect for me, is a bit much to expect, but hey I believe.. what about you?

“Fairytales can come true.. they can happen to you..” you sang that in your head didn’t you? Me too..