don’t worry .. be happy, or blame it on the brownies : )

Carla was laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes, we were all laughing and couldn’t seem to stop. I personally love to laugh and who doesn’t like being happy while with a group of like-minded individuals? Sure we were playing cards and yes we were a little loud but who cares? Some do and take their cardplaying seriously, fortunately, none of us at our table did.  The remark we were laughing at wasn’t even that funny. Carla made a comment that all she was getting was pairs, pairs, and more pairs. “Well some peaches or apples would be nice once in a while” I casually stated and this broke everyone up. I know.. you had to be there.

This got me thinking hmmmm… why were we all laughing so much? Someone had brought in a huge tinfoil tray of cookies and brownies leftover from a memorial service on Sunday and we were partaking of this quite liberally. Then I got to thinking .. hmmm the brownies were cut into very smallish little squares. There ensued a discussion on the brownies, were they maybe that kind of brownies?  Was the church selling them? Yada, yada, yada and the more we discussed this the more we laughed.. ya like I said, you had to be there.

So brownies aside I wanted to write about this because.. well, we just don’t laugh enough! Why is everyone so serious and why can’t we lighten up? Each day is new and hasn’t been opened yet upon awakening. Why don’t we savour those few moments and reflect on our good fortune to be waking up at all?  Make a conscious effort to put a smile on your heart. Think of how nice and warm your bed is or how much you love someone or how much someone loves you. If you’ve been married too long, think of ways to kill him with your cooking, that always brought a smile to my heart. Btw too many eggs won’t work.. just saying.

Paste a stupid smile or if you are a smart person make that an intelligent smile, on your face. Make a nice remark to someone about their appearance or clothing and if that isn’t possible offer them a breath mint.. lol.  Life is less stressful and easier when you face it with humour. Yes, I make an effort every day to live to the fullest and I smile at everyone, hmmm, okay most everyone lol.  I can’t lie, there are a couple of people that would make my face crack if I smiled at them but thankfully I get along with most.

It all starts in the morning when we wake up, we can make or break our day, try it! Right now I’m loving my life but it wasn’t always so. We need to appreciate it first and foremost and give ourselves some slack. Nothing is ever perfect I know, but maybe it is and we are not recognizing it. I don’t have enough money and I am not beautiful and young and certainly not slim and trim BUT I know I’m not stupid or ugly and certainly not down and out. Age is just a number and I wrote a blog about that. I flush the thoughts that bring me down and fill that space with thoughts of Tom Selleck (if you read my blog you know).

A man or woman will not bring you happiness unless they complement your already here-and-now, state of being.  I recently met someone that has upped my ante in this department and no one is more surprised than me.  My life was perfectly full and meaningful to me and yes I make a conscious effort every day to live my life to the fullest.   Money won’t bring happiness either but damn, you can still have money and be happy.. right?

Politics and climate change and the war in Ukraine drain me sometimes but I’ve come to realize I am only one person. I stand up for what I believe and walk away from situations that are uncontrollable.  We are all different and need to recognize this and live in peace with each other.  I love my country and my adopted one as well.  I would fight for the freedoms we have but I’m too old.  Mostly I want to convey that we have a choice each morning on how we live each day and this is something WE CAN control.

Pairs .. peaches or apples, eat the brownies, don’t sweat what you can’t change. If someone offers you a breath mint, take it :  )

Be Happy.. don’t worry.


April 25th 2023