Country Style BBQ Blogpost

Most of us work at real jobs, have kids and obligations and not a lot of free time. Sometimes its just hard trying to arrange special occasion events in our lives. Catering and events is OUR real job, and it never gets old, we are always finding new and innovative ways to deliver our product.

Loving what we do, we’re continually inspired by our peers to keep our company abreast of what’s happening in this industry. We learned early on to keep evolving and taking our services to the next level. We not only want your business but we want to keep you as a valued client too.

Keeping up with the social media side of this business, has always been a challenge for us, sooooo… we have decided to bring mom back into the fold. We are a family business and we always seem to have some family members working for us off and on through-out over thirty years in business.

Well she does like her naps : )

Selling the business to us, over 8 years ago, retirement is not easy for her. We need to keep her busy.. its also payback for all that free child labor, right mom? We feel good about having her back because we know she’ll do a good job.

Her connections with Catersource (she is a three time Ambassador, 2016,17 and 18) and the ICA (International Caterers Association) keeps us up to date on the latest happenings and new innovations in the food industry. This is crucial to keeping our company fresh and exciting. Networking comes easy to her and we all benefit from sharing.

This came in handy when we had to cook 500 lobsters for an event at Pike lake.. she put out the call for advice and with-in half an hour she had suggestions piled up on her computer. She is also responsible for us getting into the events industry.

Tents, especially tent weddings.. rentals, music, games nanny, entertainment and even clowns .. picnics and corporate .. hot dogs to whole hogs and even a Pitchfork Steak Fondue (we had to build it).. we pretty much do it all.

We need suggestions for a name for our new blog.. and an alias for mom, obviously we can’t call her mom.. or can we?