breakfast at Brownies

Breakfast at Brownies

Her name is Elena, she is very friendly and shows us to our booth, next to a window overlooking the parking lot. The building is nondescript and unless you knew where you wanted to go, this place would not entice you here. The inside is all tables and booths with a long counter you can sit up to and eat right there.  Old fashioned or non-descript with its own ambiance, definitely not modernized.

Elena has a nose ring, a face jewel, and noticeable tattoos on her neck and left arm. She is dressed in a black t-shirt, jeans, with a black apron tied at her waist. Her hair is slicked back into a nape ponytail. I like the way she looks, very neat, tidy and she is also very beautiful. I am a senior and appreciate clean-looking servers.  Working in the food business for many years, I wouldn’t approve of the outward jewelry and all the tattoos for my staff, but that was yesterday and this is today.

I originally found this place through Google, I wanted a good old-fashioned good breakfast. This place was highly rated for the best breakfasts in Yuma and so I went in search of it on my own. I have since been back a few times. That day I’m with my man friend and we were hungry. He orders sausages and eggs and I order the six-ounce steak and eggs. I always order my steaks medium rare and I wish I would have taken a picture of my steak, it was done perfectly.

It’s always done perfectly here, a six-ounce sirloin, it’s tender and tasty as well.  We breakfasted earlier in the week at a well-known restaurant also a popular place in Yuma. They had a bacon-wrapped filet mignon on the menu with eggs and hashbrowns for 12.95. Now back home we’d need to take out a loan to finance a filet mignon breakfast, but not here! Well, it was in American money, so there’s that I guess. That steak was done perfectly as well, but was also tough as hell. I’m not sure how they managed to spoil what should have been a beautiful cut of meat but they did.

So back to Brownies and my attention is focused on THE BEST pan-fried shredded house-made, fresh potatoes I have ever eaten anywhere.  I eat out a lot and breakfast is high on the list of meals I hate cooking. Being in the food business for over 30 years I also know what is made fresh and what isn’t. My focus was always on the steak but these pan-fried potatoes caught my attention that morning and omg, I enjoyed every bite before tackling that delicious steak. I tried to pawn off my eggs for half of my friends’ potatoes but he wasn’t buying into that.

The service was equally enjoyable with our server Elena. I also got to hear a snippet of the lives of the guys in the booth behind us, as well as a couple of guys at the counter, as they laughed and visited back and forth. This place definitely has a friendly ambiance and it reminded me of the sitcom Cheers where everyone knows your name.

I have been here for ten days already and I have yet to make a meal. We do have snacking food in the fridge and cereal and I’m a toast and whatever kinda person. Mostly we are eating out and I force myself to be okay with this … lol. My man is spoiling me for sure. We do have to go out and buy eggs today. I told my grandchild who is six years old that we could fry eggs on the pavement outside, here in Yuma. The hottest heat wave in history and I’m right in the middle of it. So on the way to buy eggs, we may as well stop and have lunch somewhere.. Dontcha think?

I’m hot and on a roll. Hmm… maybe I should try baking some crescent rolls in our mailbox?

that’s all ..

copyright July 29th, 2023