an unexpected xmas present

Something happened yesterday that was so unexpected, it will be a memory that stays with me forever. First off, I don’t mind being a senior, it has its perks. The government pays you to be old, not enough of course but some countries have nothing. We also get the added bonus of grandchildren. I have a special bond with my oldest, in fact she has agreed to shop for winter boots for me this weekend. I can’t go south this year and wearing sandals in the snow sucks, I gave away my good winter boots two years ago.

It is also the Christmas season and being in lockdown with this virus is starting to wear me down. Trying to stay positive is getting weary and I just want to be around people again. The time not spent with my kids is particularly hard on me. Its not like they spent a lot of time with me anyway, which I understand. They have families of their own, businesses to run and their own friends. Who wants or needs to have their old age mom hanging around and butting in, with her extremely wise and remarkable sage advice, on how they should be living their lives?

My youngest granddaughter is only three years old and I have been missing her the most. There is something so special about the younger grandchildren, maybe it’s because they think we are amazing. We love and hug them and give them whatever they want and never scold them. When they get cranky we take our leave or take them back to their parents. Its a win-win for us, and carries on even when they get older, except they wear us out faster and then we need a nap. I got to spend the morning with my youngest when her mom dropped her off, she had errands to run. I hadn’t spent time with her for almost a whole month. While her mom did a little visiting with me, my little granddaughter said “ok, you can leave now mom.” Turns out my little granddaughter was really missing me too.

We spent time in the pool at my condo complex, we had it to ourselves. We played and splashed each other and had races in which I let her win. When she lost one, she was not a happy camper and not very gracious. I decided to teach her a lesson and pretended to cry when she won once again. What proceeded was a very touching scene as she sidled up close to me and said “its ok nana, we can’t always win, stay calm and take a deep breath” it was priceless. Of course I was hearing her moms voice through her, its all of our life lessons coming through from our children and into our children’s, children. It was an hour of pure fun, introspection on life, plus I was teaching her to swim.

In my first life I was a hairdresser, owning four salons. And so it was that I was charged with giving her a haircut while she was here visiting me. When we got back from our swim and a shower, I sat her up in a chair with a mirror on the counter and brought out my hair kit. A Tupperware container, with my scissors, razor,  hair clips and cape. She sat so well and I complimented her on patience. Explaining to her how I have cut so many children’s hair including her dads and her favorite auntie, my daughter, all those years ago. She then asked if I remember how to cut hair? I was taken aback at that remark and I had to laugh “I’m not that old, that I forget” and I explained to her that when we learn stuff, it stays with us. I then asked her if she remembers how to count, which led to her counting to twenty and doing it over again to impress me. I then explained about riding a bike and how we remember these things.

I proceeded to put her long hair in a ponytail at the nape of her neck, then I cut it off. She was so excited to be getting her hair cut and no more ponytails in her hair ever again! I let her look in the mirror until I got down to giving her the actual shaped haircut. She kept her head still and arranged in whatever position I put it in. We were coming into the home stretch and she says “I can’t wait to see my hair, I am so excited” she was almost vibrating, she truly was that excited. I was excited for her as well. Her hair co-operated beautifully as I shaped it into a really cute bob type style to blend with the bangs she’d been growing out for ages. When I was satisfied with the results I took off the cape and said “ok get ready to look” and I put the mirror in front of her.

She looked into the mirror and couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she’s looking at herself and practically squealing with delight! I am watching her admiring her new haircut when she suddenly turns and hugs me tight around the neck and plants a big kiss, while quietly saying into my ear “thank you nana, I love you.” I never seen that coming, and it is such a pure heartfelt feeling of love for me. This.. an unforgettable xmas present I will treasure always. I love this dear little creature more than anything in this whole world, and I am moved to tears even now, writing about it.

My wish is for everyone to experience this magical Christmas feeling..