A random encounter (my Sunday Funday Blog)

A Random Encounter (my Sunday Funday blog)

We were two strangers sitting at the bar at Olive Garden, he pulled out his wallet to offer me money. I was excited but had to turn him down, these random scenarios find me more often than naught.  I was not a ‘lady of the night’ looking for extra business, in fact, it was early afternoon and I was treating myself to a late breakfast. I’m also very old and would likely be the one paying someone to sleep with me, sad but true.

When I worked my way into that little spot by the wall, I almost needed a ladder to climb up onto that tall barstool. Are barstools are getting higher as I age or am I shrinking?  This stranger, one stool over, did not pay any attention to me as I made my way up onto that seat.  I gave my order to the server and as I waited I noticed he kept looking toward the door.  He was also nursing a beer.  When my soup and salad (an Olive Garden breakfast for me) arrived, along with FOUR delicious breadsticks, I leaned over and offered him one. There was no way I was going to eat all four of them.. three maybe, well two for sure.

He accepted and we struck up a conversation of sorts, each of us having trouble hearing and having to repeat everything. So it was that I learned he was also Canadian and has an RV on a lot in the foothills.  Turns out he is also from a province I was born in and I did know of the places he talked about.  He was waiting on friends that were supposed to meet him there. They were already an hour late and he couldn’t get through to them on his phone.

I’m going to cut to the chase here because if you read my blog you know I believe when I put something out to the universe, it makes its way back to me. Sometimes I don’t even know what it is I need until it shows up and this was one of those times.  I’m working on a series of  ‘Too Lazy to Cook-Book’ cookbooks.  This stranger, whose name turns out to be George, turns to me and asks “so what do you do, or are you retired?”  I had just received a copy/proof of our second cookbook which is dedicated to the people of Ukraine.  This cookbook contains our version of five Ukrainian easy-to-make recipes.  He immediately got excited and asked if I was Ukrainian, I affirmed that indeed I am.  This particular cookbook is a labour of love for me and I have poured my heart into it, with help from Chef Nettie from Utah and Retro-Rad Chef Emily Ellyn from Florida.

Turns out he is German and I have no idea why he got so excited, but I showed him my copy of the proof I’ve been carrying around with me.  “All of the profits from this cookbook are going directly to the people of Ukraine” I explained: “the charity is called Ukraine Patriot” they have a presence in New York, Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, and of course Ukraine.  The cookbook is still in the process of being published. I’m in the process of working out how to get donations directly to the charity. Being a business person my whole life and now into my senior years hasn’t helped me at all with this techie stuff needed to accomplish my goals here.

I was having last-minute doubts about the public generosity towards our cause.  Along comes this dear man and he is reaching to get his wallet out to give me a donation for the people of Ukraine.  I was humbled and happy with his gesture.  Then came an  ‘aha moment’ and I knew everything was going to be okay.  I had to turn down his offer.  I don’t have the logistics figured out yet on taking cash and I want all monies collected to be transparent and above reproach.  I also couldn’t give him the cookbook because it was my only copy and proof and it needed more tweaking.  He really wanted it because he cooks and loves bortsch, it includes a really easy recipe for this soup.

I finished my meal and his company never did show up.  I offered him a free copy of our first ‘Too Lazy to Cook-Book,’ rotisserie chicken five ways.  He followed me out to my car and I got him a copy from my trunk.  He has my number and I’m pretty sure I am going to hear from him again.  He is widowed and he said I reminded him of his wife, who knows.. we could both get lucky. (that was just a joke, maybe/maybe not lol)

A little side note here, I have been playing at golf with clubs a hundred years old and too tall for me. The same morning as Olive Garden encounter I had to go to the park’s clubhouse, my phone’s data had run out and I needed WiFi.  There on the FREE table was a set of women’s golf clubs made just for me! Had I not run out of data I would have missed them AND had I not skipped breakfast I would have missed the chance encounter with George.

There are reasons why random incidents happen in our everyday lives that can’t be explained. Be they good, bad, or ugly, it’s all a learning experience.  Life is about living and dealing with whatever comes our way.. I’m grateful each day for my life.

the end.. well not the end, hopefully.. to be continued :  )

January 16th 2023