About Me

welcome to my not so ordinary blog…

I will talk about everything… sex, politics and religion included! My granddaughter drew this picture of her Nana (which is me) when she was 6 or 7 years old… this blog is interactive and I welcome your comments.

SOOOO…  it turns out I love to write… and I like to tell stories… these are all true btw.

See… I started and sold three hair salons in my first life and a catering company in my second. I was married for 40 yrs… now I’m single again. Kids are grown and grandkids are teenagers. Now its time for my third life… I have the travelling bug and I keep a journal of my travels. It started in the UK… My girlfriend and I got off a plane in Manchester with no itinerary and we ended up on a train to Scotland. Staying at a bed and breakfast, we explored that beautiful country…then we hopped a plane to London. We got lost looking for Stonehenge and ended up at King Arthur’s Castle and Genève’s Garden. Climbing the leaning tower of Pisa…exploring the Vatican, our adventures in Jamaica…and our last big trip to Egypt… I write about all of these places. I am also full of business ideas… I have an invention I want to try out on ‘Dragons Den’ or ‘Sharks Tank’… I’ll share food ideas you may be interested in and even my stories on dating again… never thought I’d be doing that! I try to inject humour in most of my writing but sometimes viewer discretion is advised but I will pre-warn you… I hope you enjoy my blogging and will come back often.